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Home Programs


We all wish our House to be blessed in all respects as it is the prime shelter of our family. We pray to God daily and do Pooja to seek his blessings upon us. We take various other measures as well to achieve it like arranging house items as per Vastu Shastra, having positivity spreading pictures and idols. However being in Kaliyuga, are we missing the most beneficial thing to bless our house and its resident members.

In Padma Purana, Lord Vishnu Says:

“naham tisthami vaikunthe, yoginam hrdayesu va
yatra gayanti mad-bhaktah, tatra tisthami narada”

Translation :  “My dear Narada, I do not dwell in Vaikuntha or in the hearts of the yogis; I remain wherever My devotees sing My glories.”


House Program

The program consists of Kirtana of the Holy names of Lord Krishna, spiritual discussion on Bhagavad-gita or other Vedic scriptures, Question/Answer session and concludes with prasad (sanctified food offered to Lord).  You can plan this program on the occasion of your birthday, marriage aniversary, etc.

Yagna Program

The program consists of various type of Yagnas / Homas to remove obstacles from our lives through blessings of Lord Krishna. Yagna will be performed by authorized brahmanas following utmost regulations prescribed in Vedas. Few examples are:

  • “Narsimha Homa”

  • “Sudarshana Homa”

For arranging a Home Program at your place you may contact:

+91 99013 99938  or  +91 99457 77670


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